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Most Biology questions will be about interpreting information and hypothesising rather than applying principles and knowledge. However there still are some principles which you need to know in order to maximise your chances for success.




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Understand Mendelian genetics and construct and interpret punnet squares

Understand the basic nature of DNA and some of its features

Understand how sexual reproduction works


The Heart

Understand the physiology of the heart and the flow of blood through the heart and body

Understand how pressure and volume operate within the heart

Predict the impact of changes in heart physiology


The Lungs

Know the physiology of the lungs

Understand the process of breathing and gas exchange

Predict the impact of changes in lung physiology


The Kidneys

Know the structure and function of the kidneys

Understand how filtration works

Understand the role of concentration and  pressure gradients

Know the different kinds of cellular transport


The Nervous System

Know the components of the nervous system

Understand the differences between the different nervous systems

Predict changes in the physiology of the nervous system

Understand feedback regulation