gamsat section 3

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This section of GAMSAT tests reasoning in the biological and physical sciences. This section contains 110 questions to be completed in 170 minutes. This section receives double weighting when it comes to calculating your total GAMSAT score (see About GAMSAT for more information on this)


The breakdown of content is:

  • 40% biology
  • 40% chemistry (organic and inorganic)
  • 20% physics


If you want to do well on GAMSAT you must do well in this section. Reasoning skills and multiple choice strategies alone are not enough. Rote learning facts and formulas will not help you, indeed you will usually (but not always!) be given any formulas or values of constants needed. You must achieve a comprehensive understanding of the principles of each of the sciences and how the various concepts relate to each other.

Time is a critical factor in this section, if you cannot quickly discern what principles are involved in a question, you will lose a lot of time and may not finish the exam. Aside from learning the concepts behind the science, the key to successfully completing this section, and all others, within the time limit is practice under exam conditions with GAMSAT style questions.

High quality GAMSAT practice questions, devised by experienced exam writers, are available in the Exam Prep section.



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