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Section I is all about the humanities. In this part of GAMSAT you will encounter poems with strange phrasing and spelling, long winded essays, fanciful prose, ambiguous cartoons, logic puzzles masquerading as social science and graphs and diagrams designed to mislead.

No matter how well versed you are in literature do not expect to feel comfortable in this section. Even candidates who have scored well over 70 in this section will end the test feeling they have no idea whether they chose their answers well. You will have to deal with the doubt and discomfort of the stimuli and work through it. This section of GAMSAT presents 75 questions divided into between 14 and 18 units that must be completed within 100 minutes, plus perusal of 10 minutes at the start.


There is a lot of different advice for this section. Some may claim that speed reading or skimming is the key whilst others may have some weird note taking method. The truth is that there are no tricks or secret shortcuts for GAMSAT. There are a few major factors to your performance in section I

attitude/state of mind




Many people overlook the importance of attitude. Your concentration, energy, and general outlook whilst taking the test all have a big impact. Timing of course is essential for all of GAMSAT and is something most people struggle with. This is no accident - ACER is deliberately testing your performance under pressure, which is a key skill for doctors. People generally have timing issues because they waste their time through inefficient techniques. The speed at which you read actually has very little to do your performance.

Technique is one of the most important factors to your performance. It influences how you approach each question; how you read each stimulus; how you read each question; how you recogise false answers; and how you identify the correct answer.



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