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The eGAMSAT GAMSAT Guide is a comprehensive manual for GAMSAT preparation. The Guide covers all 3 sections and will teach candidates the advanced techniques needed to excel in the GAMSAT. The manual details strategies and tactics for each section that will actually work to improve your score. Do not expect any gimmicks or magical shortcuts - they do not exist. GAMSAT Guide includes all the resources you need to be successful at GAMSAT. Get the guide right now for only $110 AUD.



The GAMSAT Guide includes:

A complete study manual for section I of GAMSAT with targeted exercises that will teach you advanced techniques such as how to: find an answer using just the question stem; quickly identify incorrect answers; efficiently read a passage; and avoid time wasting traps. Students will learn the key behind almost every question in Section I and will be taught proven tactics to maximise your score in this section.

A complete GAMSAT essay writing course that will teach you exactly what ACER is looking for in essays. You will learn to effectively plan and structure an essay and how to manage your time. You will be shown proven techniques to enable your essays to score highly. It is important to remember that just because your high school and university essays did well, does not mean that your GAMSAT essays will - ACER is looking for a very particular style of essay. The section II course provides targeted exercises to improve each aspect of your essay writing. You will be shown actual essays of GAMSAT candidates so that you may learn the difference between an essay that scores only 60 and an essay that scores 75 or higher.

GAMSAT Guide offers students the opportunity to submit up to 5 essays for marking and professional critique. Our markers are professional writers and editors, they have also taken the GAMSAT and scored at least 75 of higher in the essay section so they know exactly what to look for.

The guide to section III details the strategies and tactics essential to success in this portion of the exam. Students will learn about timing, maximising question yield, and pacing through section III. Students will be shown each and every topic that they must study for section III and will be given a list of recommended text books and free study resources.

10 mini GAMSAT exams are included in the guide. These exams cover every section of GAMSAT and amount to at least 8 hours of examination time. Our GAMSAT exam questions are written by professional exam writers and include fully explained solutions.

GAMSAT Guide is accessed for 90 days. Students will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the guide. Students who are running a Mac operating system will need to use a PC emulator such as Boot Camp, Wine Bottler, VM Ware, or Crossover. These are all availabe freely or as free trials.